Kelly Foti

Kelly Foti, CHC Buffalo, NY

Holistic Health Coach Consulting Group Intl.








Kelly has been and continues to be an active member in her hometown community, most notably co-chairing events to benefit the local children’s hospital.  She was an elementary school teacher prior to raising her three children.  With her children now adults, Kelly has forged a new path for herself as a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and the founder of YOU AT YOUR BEST!.

Her coaching focus is on the Transitional Coaching Method, or TCM.   Understanding the differences of living to eat and eating to live is Kelly’s desire for you.   Providing you the support and encouragement you need to stay focused while you are on this beautiful journey of habit change, she excels to empower change in thoughts and behaviors toward movement and food. You will feel healthier from the inside out while discovering your personal experiences and outlook on life will improve and you will be…YOU AT YOUR BEST!

~Don’t resist what you can change~

Contact: 716-866-6944